David Grebel Law is in the process of handling Zoloft birth defect cases which will be filed in the City of St. Louis.  While individuals around the country have filed their cases in the Zoloft MDL, David Grebel Law is handling these cases in state court in the City of St. Louis.  David Grebel Law is actively involved in the actual litigating of these cases, and is not simply letting the MDL attorneys do the work.  David Grebel Law believes it is important to be actively involved in the litigation of pharmaceutical drug cases, specifically cases which are as impactful as Zoloft birth defect cases.

Zoloft birth defect cases must be handled by firms, such as David Grebel Law and its affiliate firms, which have experience with pharmaceutical cases.  David Grebel Law has extensive experience with these cases.  Currently, David Grebel Law is handling Lexapro birth defect cases in the City of St. Louis as well.

If you took Zoloft and have a child with a birth defect, please call David Grebel Law today at (314) 221-0559 to discuss any involved with David Grebel Law and its prosecution of Zoloft birth defect claims.

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