David Grebel Law currently is handling numerous cases involving nursing home residents that develop bed sores as a result of the carelessness of their nursing homes.  Bed sores are almost always avoidable if the nursing home properly cares for the residents.  As a resident of a nursing home, the nursing home should make sure that the resident is being properly hydrated and provided enough food, so that their nutrition levels are sufficient to keep their skin in good condition.  Additionally, if the individual is restricted to a bed, they should be rotated every two hours.  Once a pressure sore or bed sore begins to develop, the individual should not be placed on it, and they should be elevated off of the sore.

There are numerous federal regulations and statutes in effect that govern what nursing homes should be doing to prevent the development of bed sores on nursing home residents.  David Grebel Law handles lawsuits on behalf of individuals that have developed bed sores as a result of the carelessness of a nursing home.  We use the federal regulations and statutes in order to achieve the best results for the injured individual.  We can recover for the painful surgeries nursing home residents have had to go through to help with the bed sores.  In the instance where an individual dies from the bed sores, we can help the family pursue justice against the nursing home for its carelessness.  Contact David Grebel Law today if you or your loved one has suffered from the development of bed sores while a resident at a nursing home.

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