The Dangers Of Skin Bleaching

David Grebel Law is in the process of investigating claims by people that have developed leukemia and other injuries as a result of the use of skin bleaching, skin whitening, and skin lightening products.  Skin bleaching products are used by individuals that have discoloration on their faces from various types of skin damage, as well as individuals that use these products for cosmetic purposes.  The skin bleaching and skin whitening producers have told people for years that these products are safe for use.  However, recent reports have come out indicating that the skin bleaching/skin whitening/skin lightening products are in fact potentially highly dangerous to the users of these products.

The main problem with these products is that they use a product called hydroquinone, which is a metabolite of benzene.  As most know, benzene is a known human carcinogen, meaning that it causes cancer in humans.  Hydroquinone has recently been shown to potentially cause leukemia in individuals.  In fact, genetic testing determined that an individual that was exposed to hydroquinone because he worked in a photo lab processing plant, developed leukemia as a result of the use of these hydroquinone containing products.

David Grebel Law is in the process of speaking with individuals that have developed leukemia or other problems, including permanent skin discoloration, as a result of their use of skin bleaching/skin whitening/skin lightening products.  If you have developed leukemia as a result of your use of these products, contact David Grebel Law at (314) 221-0559 today.

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