Delivering More to Some Patients than Merely Birth Control Protection.

“Well-known birth control pills such as Yaz and Yasmin need stronger warnings about the risk of blood clots, an FDA advisory committee recently recommended, according to news reports.” The drug Yaz, while it is effective in preventing pregnancy and controlling the symptoms of PMD, or pre-menstrual disorder, has been linked to a number of side-effects ranging from vaginal discharge and accelerated heart rate to deep vein thrombosis, a fancy name for a blood clot, and other blood disorders including stroke. The FDA is calling in their recent quote for further investigation into Yaz’s effect on patients’ conditions and its effects on the states of their veins and stroke potential. Because of Yaz’s uncertain effect on the body when mixed with a number of common items such as vitamin C and NSAID’s such as ibuprofen and naproxen sodium, women following a course of NSAID-therapy are warned to avoid taking Yaz as a birth control drug.

The drug Yaz also called Yasmin and by other names commercially, as been approved for use as a means of birth control since 2006. No one is questing Yaz’s effectiveness for its intended use, of pregnancy prevention. Questions are arising, however, concerning the additional conditions it can unexpectedly cause. In susceptible patients, ones with blood clot histories and other blood disorders such as a clotting disorder, the drug’s effects can range from creation of blood clots to contributing to stroke in the most serious cases.

Yaz is the first example of a drug on the market being allowed to prevent or lessen the effects of women’s menstrual symptoms.  That development is ground-breaking for women’s health, as PMSD is suffered by a majority of women of childbearing age and can be very debilitating. The symptoms can include nausea and gastric illness, cramping, muscular pain, and general malaise.

Individuals at risk of suffering unwanted complications as a result of taking Yaz are discouraged from its use. For individuals who have already experienced bad experiences from using Yaz and who want legal redress from the effects of using the drug, Attorney David Grebel, a St. Louis-area attorney, has established a proficiency in successfully battling against Bayer, the makers of Yaz. His experience extends to numerous successful cases representing claimants who have been wrongfully harmed by Yaz.

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