A recent study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, UCLA, and Consolidated research found that prescription testosterone raised the raised  the risk of heart attacks and strokes in older and middle aged men with a history of heart disease.   The study looked at 56,000 men that were prescribed testosterone between 2008 and 2010.   The study looked at these men’s rate of heart attacks in the year before taking prescription testosterone and in the three months after taking prescription testosterone.

What the study found is a cause for alarm for any men taking prescription testosterone, such as Androgel®, Axiron®, or Testim®.  The study found that men 65 and over had double the rate of heart attacks in the three months after taking the drug.   Men under 65 with a history of heart problems also had double the rate of heart attacks in the three months after taking the drug.  The study did not find an increased risk of heart attack in younger men without a history of heart problems.

This alarming study comes on the heels of two previous studies that questioned the safety of prescription testosterone like Axiron®, Androgel®, and Testim®.  In November 2013, the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men over 65 had a nearly 30 percent increase in death, heart attacks, and stroke after using prescription testosterone.   In 2009, a study that was designed to test whether testosterone gel, such as Androgel®, Axiron®, or Testim® could help elderly men build muscle and strength was discontinued early because of heart attacks and other cardiac problems in the men using prescription testosterone.

Many testosterone lawsuit clients have asked what it is that increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes in men taking testosterone.  Testosterone increases the production of red blood cells, which can make the blood thicker by clumping together.  As the blood gets thicker, this can be especially dangerous for older men whose arteries have narrowed because of aging and disease.  This can lead to serious cardiac events, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Due to this increased risk of heart attack and stroke, testosterone lawsuits are beginning to pop up across the United States.  The testosterone lawsuits brought by testosterone attorneys argue that what is most concerning is that these prescription testosterone gels and patches have no warnings regarding the increased risk of heart attack or stroke.  So men that think they are doing good for themselves by increasing their testosterone, actually could be doing serious harm, but are unaware because of the lack of warnings.  The testosterone lawsuits argue that the drugs such as Androgel, Axiron, and Testim are dangerous because they do not have proper warnings.

Because of the dangerous nature of these prescription testosterone drugs, our testosterone attorneys are committed to bringing testosterone lawsuits to help men that have suffered heart attacks or strokes while on these potentially dangerous drugs.  We are seeking to hold these companies accountable for putting these drugs on the market without the proper warnings.  Contact our testosterone lawyers and testosterone attorneys today at 314-221-0559 to see whether you are a candidate for a testosterone lawsuit.

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