Risperdal was an anti-psychotic drug made by Johnson & Johnson that first hit the market in 1993.  The FDA approved Risperdal for use on adult psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia.  However, the drug was not approved for use by children.  Unfortunately, it has come to light that Risperdal was being promoted by Johnson & Johnson salespeople to be used as a treatment on children, and in particular autistic boys.  Unfortunately, without informing the children’s parents of the risk, Risperdal caused the boys to grow breasts.

Johnson & Johnson made billions of dollars per year on Risperdal, particularly as a result of marketing the drug for children, even when Risperdal was not approved for use in children.  By giving Risperdal to autistic boys and boys with psychological problems, Johnson & Johnson intentionally exposed these children to serious health risks.  The worst of these was the growth of female breasts, which caused both physical and psychological pain on males.  Now that these children are adults, they have had to undergo procedures as drastic as mastectomies to remove the male breasts.  In addition to the physical pain, there is a significant psychological cost.

Risperdal attorney David Grebel is currently investigating and handling Risperdal lawsuits on behalf of boys that developed breasts as a result of taking Risperdal.  Risperdal lawsuit attorney David Grebel has heard of the horrible psychological and physical impacts that Risperdal has had on these males and their families.  It has robbed these children of their childhoods and has made their adulthood just as horrible.  This is all while Johnson & Johnson was making billions of dollars per year on this drug, specifically by encouraging doctors to prescribe it to children.

If you or your child developed breasts as a result of taking Risperdal, contact Risperdal lawsuit attorney David Grebel today to discuss your options.  Time is of the essence with respect to these lawsuits, so contacting him at (314) 221-0559 today is of the utmost importance.

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