Protecting The Elderly

Leading Personal Injury Lawyer David Grebel has long held an interest in protecting the elderly that are residents of nursing homes and other assisted living facilities. As a Personal Injury attorney, David Grebel has done this by representing elderly clients that have been mistreated by nursing homes, either from being allowed to fall without proper supervision, developing bed sores, or, even in the worst cases, being physically assaulted or harmed by nursing home staff. Personal Injury attorney David Grebel has handled many of these cases and will continue to handle them to keep nursing homes in check.

As a Leading Personal Injury Attorney, David Grebel makes sure that as part of the lawsuit, he pushes for changes at the nursing home that will benefit the other residents of the nursing home. Personal Injury attorney David Grebel is familiar with the federal regulations that apply to these nursing homes and seeks to hold the nursing homes accountable when the care by the nursing home does not comply with the federal regulations.

If you or a loved one has been injured while at a nursing home, please contact Personal Injury attorney David Grebel at (314) 221-0559 today.

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