Possible Dangers of Mirena IUD Birth Control

David Grebel Law is in the process of investigating claims that patients that underwent implantation with the Mirena IUD are having serious complications with these devices.  Mirena was marketed as being a safer alternative to other birth controls, which have been known to cause blood clots. However, there have been recent developments indicating that women that have undergone the Mirena IUD device implantation are having problems with the devices, including migration of the Mirena IUD outside of the uterus, the IUD embedded in the uterus requiring hysterectomy, or a diagnosis as being pregnant.  The failure of these devices certainly can be a painful and potentially tragic situation for women.

David Grebel is involving claims on behalf of women that were injured following their use of the Mirena IUD.  If you have undergone implantation with the Mirena IUD, and you have needed an additional surgery due to the Mirena IUD migrating outside of the uterus, or have required a hysterectomy, contact David Grebel Law today at (314) 221-0559 or by filling out the form on this page.

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