Nuvaring Lawsuits

Serious medical conditions—particularly dangerous blood clots—have led to the possibility of Nuvaring lawsuits. The medical contraceptive is relatively new and a full series of tests has not been run over time on the medical device, which is now proving to have detrimental medical side effects. Blood clots from the likes of birth control such as Nuvaring and other contraceptives containing desogestral have been shown to cause blood clots. These blood clots can form within your legs and then flow into your heart causing deadly blockages known as pulmonary embolism. No one should have to suffer the loss caused by ineffective or improper medical procedures or devices.

As attorneys specializing in personal injury and defective medical devices, we can help guide you through the troubling legal waters of such a case. Our compassion and experience allows our legal staff to work closely with you throughout all legal proceedings, ensuring you are treated with the utmost decency, respect, and understanding throughout the process. Medical device lawsuits can take time. Work with a team who has the legal resources to go the distance and prove your case. A birth control or Nuvaring lawsuit must be handled with care and delicacy, and that’s why we offer our experience and recognized staff of lawyers and legal professionals to help you.

As Nuvaring Lawsuit Attorneys we are at your side through the entire process. Our record for large claims and favorable judgments is a testament to our commitment to the legal process for our clients. If you yourself or one of your loved ones has suffered from a botched insertion or other side effect from the Nuvaring, a lawsuit may be the only option to begin to try and recover. Let our skilled Nuvaring lawyers in St. Louis work with you to bring you’re the compensation you deserve.

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