When people entrust their loved ones to a nursing home, they expect that the nursing home will keep their family members free from danger.  Unfortunately, with elderly individuals, there are many risks that can result in them falling and becoming injured. Many times, a nursing home will give the family the impression that a fall was simply unavoidable. Unfortunately, in many cases, the family is not being given the entire picture.

With respect to many falls, elderly residents that should not be left on their own are left without proper supervision by the nursing home.  In many cases, these are individuals that have fallen several times before.  When a resident has been labeled “a fall risk,” the nursing home has a duty under the law to provide supervision of those individuals.  This can include having someone with the residents to ensure that they do not fall while they are walking.  Unfortunately, many nursing homes, in an attempt to save money, do not have adequate staff to make sure individuals do not fall unnecessarily.

In such situations, David Grebel pursues claims against nursing homes that have not adequately supervised residents, and therefore, the individual resident has fallen and been injured.  Additionally, there are many fall prevention measures, such as bed rails and chair alarms that can be instituted to prevent falls.  It is important for the nursing homes to have these precautions in place so as to avoid any additional hazards to elderly residents that are at risk for falls in serious injuries.

If you have a family member that has fallen at a nursing home, please contact us today at (314) 221-0559 and we will begin to investigate the case.

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