David Grebel Law is in the process of investigating two potentially harmful medications which are prescribed for individuals with multiple sclerosis, or MS.  These two drugs, Gileneya, and Tysabri have recently come under scrutiny because of deaths which may have been caused by these drugs.  The drugs are prescribed with the intention of helping individuals with MS, however new information is coming to light which is making it look like the potential benefits of the drugs are far outweighed by the significant risks, which include death.

While the information is still in its initial stages, David Grebel Law is consulting with its team of experts to determine whether or not individuals are entitled to compensation because family members or loved ones have died as a result of taking Gileneya or Tysabri.  With many medications, including these medications, there is the potential for risks to exist that the drug company does not warn about.  In such a situation, the users of the drugs are not aware of these risks when they begin to take them.  Therefore, they cannot notice the warning signs associated, and sometimes suffer fatal consequences.  David Grebel Law continues to monitor these drugs, and welcomes the chance to speak with anyone whose loved ones have suffered serious side effects or who have suffered untimely deaths as a result of taking these medications, Gileneya or Tysabri.

Please contact David Grebel today at (314) 221-0559 if you or a loved one has suffered injuries you believe to be the result of Gileneya or Tysabri.

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