Defective hip implant attorney Dave Grebel continues to investigate the alarming trend of early failure of metal on metal hip replacement implants.  Defective hip implant attorney Dave Grebel is currently handling lawsuits for individuals that had their metal on metal hips fail and the hips were manufactured by DePuy, Wright Medical, Stryker, Zimmer, and Biomet.  While initially these hips were thought to be a new way to help individuals with longstanding hip pain, it has turned out that many of these hips were defective from the day they were implanted into patients.  That is why defective hip implant attorney David Grebel is devoting his time and resources to investigating these failed metal on metal hips.

In addition to having to go through the pain and discomfort of a second hip implant surgery, the metal on metal hip impant has been found to lead to metal ions being transmitted into the patient’s blood.  This can cause various toxicities for those individuals.  As a result, even those individuals whose metal on metal hip has not yet become defective may be suffering from toxicity in their blood due to the metal components of the hip implant rubbing off on each other.  In such situations, it is important that the patient undergo a blood test to determine if they are suffering from any blood toxicity problems as a result of a defective metal on metal hip implant.  If you have had a metal on metal hip implant from DePuy, Wright Medical, Biomet, Stryker, or any other metal on metal hip implant manufacturer, contact David Grebel at (314) 221-0559 today to discuss your options.

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