Introduction to lexapro use and  side effects causing lexapro birth defects.

The drug Lexapro is prescribed as a treatment for depression. Administration of the drug is authorized for use with adults; it is not authorized for routine distribution to children under 18 years of age absent circumstances which would warrant its use. It is one of the recently developed antidepressants that can be administeted to patients without the need for a tedious period of dosage adjustment before the patient’s dose level is considered as final. Various  lexapro side effects are known to exist and are serious enough to cause questions about the safety of the drug despite its known efficacy and its widespread use in the healthcare community.

Why the drug is used despite knowing about potential side effects, what lexapro side effects may be experienced, and how serious are they for the patient?

Lexapro is widely used despite the existence of lexapro side effects because of its effectiveness and the ability of patients to tolerate it.  Common lexapro side effects include a dimunition in sexual desire for both genders, nausea, headache, insomnia, occasional unplanned weight gain or weight loss, increased depression in a small number of patients with corresponding suicidal tendencies, and the need for a planned withdrawal protocol for each patient to ensure that the patient does not experience the effects of discontinuing the drug too rapidly. An additional, unfortunate side effect which has come to light is the presence of lexapro birth defects in the babies of women who took lexapro during their pregnancy.

Conclusions about taking the drug-and dealing with lexapro side effects

Lexapro has been deemed an effective drug to be used in the daily fight some individuals encounter with disabling depression. In some instances, lexapro or a similar medication is what enables depressed persons to get out of bed and face the day. Individuals taking the medication must evaluate with their physicians whether continuing with the medicine is worth the discomfort of the side effects. In certain situations, legal help can enable an injured patient suffering from adverse reactions due to lexapro side effects is available to address any potential injury suffered from taking the drug.

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