David Grebel Law and the Onder Law Firm are currently handling a nationwide litigation which has been filed in the City of St. Louis.  David Grebel and the Onder Law Firm have assembled a group of medical experts from around the country to serve as the experts for the plaintiff in this litigation.  Through the use of these medical experts, David Grebel is pursuing claims against the makers of Lexapro, for their negligence in making a drug that causes birth defects for children, including heart defects and neural tube defects.

David Grebel has assembled lawsuits for clients from around the country, including Minnesota, Texas, New York, and various other states into the City of St. Louis litigation.  This is the most effective way for clients to have their Lexapro birth defect cases litigated.  Through the use of nationally renowned experts in birth defect cases, David Grebel will pursue these claims against the makers of Lexapro to a favorable resolution.  Contact David Grebel today if your child suffers from a birth defect, including heart defects, cleft pallet, facial deformities, and neural tube defects, including cerebral palsy, as a result of you taking Lexapro while you were pregnant.

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