Lexapro and its known ability to cause suicidal tendencies in patients who take it regularly for depression.

Lexapro has been found to cause suicidal tendencies in patients who take it regularly to fight depression or treat anxiety. This known side effect causes patients who are expecting relief from the symptoms of depression or anxiety to instead become suicidal after taking the drug. Instead of preventing the dangerous moods and behavior of depression and anxiety, the drug has instead been credited with causing suicidal feelings and some successful occurrences of the act of suicide in patients for whom this drug has been prescribed.

Because of this very real fear occasioned by the use of l Lexapro, an individual taking Lexapro should be monitored to ensure that the patient is in fact not suffering the onset of suicidal tendencies rather than experiencing relief from the crippling depression which is usually the reason the medication is used in mental health settings and for mental health consumers.

While the drug Lexapro has been found to be extremely effective in treating depression and related syndromes in mental health patients, the development of feelings of suicide in some patients has put the mental health community and the family members and friends of Lexapro patients on alert. The loved ones of these affected patients are now on a vigil to ensure that their patient-friends and patient-family members do not suffer from these disturbing side effects. While the medication has proven effective in treating patients suffering from depression and related disorders, it has undeniably been responsible for causing suicidal tendencies and actual suicides in patients who have taken it for depression.

One avenue of recourse available to individuals who have already been harmed by the use of Lexapro for depression is to seek legal redress for the harm caused by the drug. David Grebel, a St. Louis personal injury attorney, has demonstrated proficiency in representing Lexapro patients. Mr. Grebel has acquired valuable experience handling Lexapro cases for those individuals adversely affected by the medication.


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