Introduction to the use of the depuy hip replacement appliance and its cause of Depuy Hip Replacement recall and subsequent DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits:
The DePuy Hip Replacement appliance used in many hip replacement proceedures is prescribed as a treatment to repair defective hips which have suffered injury in some form. These occurrences may be as a result of accidental breakage from a fall or auto accident or degeneration resulting from weakened bones or  other degenerative conditions. A successful hip replacement may mean restored mobility and resumption of a normal life for the affected patients. One of the leading manufacturer of hip replacement appliances is DePuy. The development of major side effects and reactions to the appliance in recent years has occasioned numerous DePuy hip replacement lawsuits as patients seek remedies from their situations.

Why the DePuy applilance is used despite knowing about potential side effects, what  side effects may be experienced, and how serious are they for the patient?
DePuy hip replacement side effects range widely from the appliance causing further fractures in the hip area to surrounding bone tissue to a reaction to metal shavings given off by the device after it has been planted in the patient’s body. These metal pieces can travel through a patient’s blood stream and cause infection while there. These various failures from the DePuy device have caused the affected patients further pain suffering in addition to failing to give the individuals relief for their mobility issues.
Despite these serious failures, the brand continues to be used because of its availability and the successes it has to its credit. The very real possibility of these DePuy hip replacement appliances causing these side effects and others is often not revealed fully to patients, who in pain at the time of the initial proceedure but are later greeted with these side effects and their aftermath. This unfortunate circumstance often gives rise to DePuy hip replacement lawsuits. The devastating condition can lead to DePuy hip replacement lawsuits which are often emotionally draining and expensive.

Conclusions about taking the drug-and dealing with DePuy hip replacement side effects and future DePuy hip replacement lawsuits:
The DePuy hip replacement appliance is considered to be an effective remedy in the situation where a hip replacement is indicated due to a broken or damaged hip.
Failing  to treat a damaged hip can result in extreme pain and diminished mobility for the patient. However, in view of the potential problems which such a replacement may cause over and above the mobility considerations, the benefits and risks must be fully weighed in advance of a situation where a . DePuy hip replacement lawsuit becomes the only available remedy for the injured patient.

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