Increase in Housing Construction Results In Increase in Construction Site Accidents

St Louis Accident AttorneyDavid Grebel has handled many construction site accident cases during his career. These cases have ranged from individuals being struck by construction site materials falling from the side of a bridge to individuals falling from significant heights from a construction site project. With the increase in commercial and residential construction, we are seeing an increase in individuals that are being injured on these projects. Many times, there are lawsuits available beyond just workers’ compensation for construction workers that are injured in a construction site accident. Due to David Grebel’s familiarity with construction site accidents, he has been successful in bringing claims against other subcontractors, contractors, and manufacturers for injuries sustained in a construction site accident.

If you or a family member has been injured in a construction site accident, contact David Grebel today at (314) 221-0559.

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