Falls On The Ice And Snow Can Be Grounds For A Lawsuit

Many times, people think that because they fall on ice and snow, it is simply “an act of nature” and another party cannot be responsible and they cannot bring a lawsuit for their injuries.  However, in certain situations, that is simply not the case.  In particular, where a land owner or the owner of a certain property has cleared the snow and ice, but has done so in a negligent manner.  Many times this can be seen when snow and ice has not been completely removed, and there are several icy or slick spots that remain.  Many times, we see clients that have fallen on these slick spots, not realizing that the property owner has failed to completely remove the ice from the area.

David Grebel Law has handled numerous cases in situations involving individuals that have fallen on ice that is a result of the negligent maintenance of property by land owners.  We have handled these cases when individuals have broken their ankles, legs, arms, and other body parts.  If you have fallen on snow or ice and sustained an injury, and you believe that someone else may be at fault, please contact us at (314) 221-0559 today.

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