Dog Bites And Dangerous Animals

Many times people know of a friend, relative or neighbor that has a dog that is not well behaved and seems to always want to harass you. Unfortunately, sometimes these dogs do more than just bark. They bite. When people are bitten by dogs, there can be many serious complications and issues.

Sometimes people sustain serious and permanent nerve damage to their hands or arms due to the puncture wound from the dog’s teeth. Many times, the attacking dog is a large breed dog such as a pit bull.

As a leading Personal Injury attorney, David Grebel has extensive experience with handling dog bite cases. In cases involving pit bulls, he has often found that there is insurance coverage available for individuals that are bitten by the dogs. This can apply even when it was a stray dog on the property of an apartment complex or mobile home.

If you have been bitten by a dangerous dog, please contact Personal Injury Attorney David Grebel at (314) 221-0559 today.


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