DePuy Hip Lawsuit

David Grebel handles all varieties of personal injury cases in St. Louis, Missouri and nationwide, including DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits.

One of the worst things we have to see in personal injury law is in cases such as the DePuy hip replacement cases. These are unfortunate occurrences that could and should have been avoided, if people had been put before profits. It has been proven Johnson and Johnson issued the ASR DePuy hip replacement knowing that there would be issues down the road.

Those issues have included a number of people going through more pain and more surgeries, because of the defective medical device. With a failure rate more than quadruple the industry standard, we can immediately see there is an issue. The defective DePuy hip replacement can shatter the bone surrounding it, cause an excruciating dislocation of the ball socket, or create problems with metal shavings traveling into and infecting the blood.
The DePuy hip has turned patients into victims.

David Grebel and his legal team will handle your defective medical device case with caring and dedication. By working with our clients on their cases—treating them as people and not numbers—we have secured some of the largest personal injury settlements in the state. We can help you receive the compensation you deserve as well.

We are here for the individual and do not back down from the corporations. Our renowned success did not come as fluke—it is the combination of skill, knowledge, and experience. None of it would have been possible, however, if we did not come to work every day and fight for our clients as if we were fighting for ourselves and our own loved one.

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