Introduction to pradaxa use and its effect on pradaxa lawsuits:

The drug pradaxa is prescribed as a treatment to prevent strokes and dangerous blood clots in patients who experience a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation as long as they are otherwise free of heart valve disease. This condition can allow the heart to beat irregularly in such a way that clots can form, causing the very real potential for stroke, an often fatal or disabling condition. The drug is known to have side effects associated with it which can be almost as serious for the patient as the condition the drug is supposed to prevent, thus giving rise to the possibility of pradaxa lawsuits being brought against the drug’s makers and distributors, as well as any prescribing physician.

Why the drug is used despite knowing about potential side effects, what pradaxa side effects may be experienced, and how serious are they for the patient?

Pradaxa is widely used in situations of atrial fibrillation despite the existence of pradaxa  side effects because of its effectiveness and the the fact that it provides the ability of patients to avoid having strokes or developing blood clots as a result of their serious heart conditions. Common pradaxa side effects include internal hemorrhaging, bruising, coughing up blood, weakness in bodily extremities such as legs and arms, vomiting up blood and tar-like appearance of the stools. The possibility of these pradaxa side effects and others are often not disclosed fully to patients, who are later astonished and debilitated by the effects of the drug. This unfortunate situation often leads to pradaxa lawsuits which can be costly and emotionally draining by themselves.

Conclusions about taking the drug-and dealing with pradaxa lawsuits:

Pradaxa is considered to be an effective drug to be administered in the face of complications from atrial fibrillation which otherwise  could result in possible stroke or blood clot occurrences. Often, failing to treat atrial fibrillation can result in conditions which could cause death or permanent disability. Often, administration of pradaxa or a similar drug allows individuals suffering from atrial fibrillation to experience a normal life. Still, the unpleasant and   sometimes dangerous side effects of pradaxa must be reckoned with and not dismissed, even to the point of filing pradaxa lawsuits. Persons who have been given the drug have to consider the long-term effect of such pradaxa side effects when considering a pradaxa lawsuit. They must realistically consider whether continuing taking the drug is worth putting up with the disagreeable side effects involved. In these matters. legal representation may help the affected persons to receive compensation as they look toward filing one of the pradaxa lawsuits.


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