Yaz is a birth control pill that is growing in disfavor on almost a daily basis. Over 10,000 lawsuits have been filed over Yaz, produced by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.


The FDA has ruled that Bayer actually overstated the efficiency of Yaz while understating the drug’s side effects. There is now multidistrict legislation in place to process all of the claims that have been filed against the Bayer company and Yaz. Yaz now has a “black-box warning”, which is the most serious health warning label issued by the FDA.


Most birth control pills have some risk of minor side effects, but those of Yaz, otherwise known as Ocella or Yasmin. These side effects have caused death and injury to thousands of users. Victims of Yaz have experienced heart attacks, blood clots in their legs (or “deep vein thrombosis”), blood clots in their lungs (or “pulmonary embolism”), stroke, and diseases of the gallbladder. In fact, Yaz users are about twice as likely to develop blood clots than women who use older drugs. Sudden death often follows some of these side effects, giving patients little time to counteract the damage.

The use of Yaz elevates the amount of potassium you have in your body, which contributes to serious heart problems. In addition, you may experience arrhythmia of the heart, an imbalance of your electrolytes, hyperkalemia, and hyponatremis.


Yaz was known for its advertising, and taken to task by the FDA for failing to notify patients of the particular side effects and risks of the drug. In addition, Bayer advertised this drug as an acceptable treatment for PMS, PMDD, and acne. While Yaz does provide some relief from PMDD, and treats mild acne, the drug does not cure either condition. In addition, the Bayer company was accused by the FDA of using advertising techniques such as music and visuals to draw viewer’s attention away from the crucial warnings and cautions associated with Yaz.

There have been about 100 deaths associated with Yaz, and thousands of injuries. If you think you have been victimized by this drug, contact a Yaz lawsuit attorney today.

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