On January 17, 2007 three power line workers were working in a rural Missouri county.  They were restringing power lines after they had fallen down during a severe ice storm.  The linemen were pulling the new wire by hand out of a reel that was stationed on a reel stand manufactured by a confidential utility company.  As they were pulling the wire, the reel stand malfunctioned, fell over, and sent the wire into a live 69,000 volt line.  The three workers were shocked in the incident.  One of the workers actually caught fire and suffered burns to over 30% of his body in the incident.

David Grebel Law handled this case on behalf of the three injured power line workers.  He commissioned the creation of computer animation to detail the incident to better explain it to the jury.  David Grebel Law used numerous experts, including economists, power line experts, utility company experts, and other various experts in order to best understand the case and achieve the best result for the three injured clients.  After years of litigation, David Grebel Law was able to resolve the case with the confidential utility company for $3.69 million.  This was the highest resolution, by several million dollars, in this rural Missouri county.  The confidential utility company was fully indemnified by a third party pursuant to a prior indemnification agreement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an electric shock, electrocution, or other work site accident, give David Grebel Law a call.  He specializes in catastrophically injured individuals with burns, lost legs and arms, and other paralysis injuries.

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