David Grebel Law Continues To Assist Patients With Kidney Problems

Previously, David Grebel settled cases for clients that took a bowel preparation liquid for over $7 million.  This bowel preparation resulted in a condition that caused kidney failure to those patients.  Many of these patients ultimately had to undergo dialysis, since their kidneys were permanently damaged and stopped working.

Now, David Grebel is investigating individuals that were on dialysis that were harmed by the dialysis products GranuFlo and Naturalyte.  It is disturbing to learn that individuals that already were prone to health conditions because of failing kidneys may have been exposed to the risk of cardiac arrest and death as a result of products added to the dialysis procedure.  This is especially upsetting given that these individuals are already at risk for further health problems.  When someone has a compromised system, such as having kidney failure, it is of the upmost importance that the dialysis process be properly regulated.  However, it has come to light that GranuFlo and Naturalyte, which is administered to patients on dialysis, may result in an increased risk of cardiac arrest and potentially death for those individuals on dialysis.

If you or a family member suffered cardiac arrest or death after undergoing dialysis, please contact us today at 314-221-0559 and we can investigate whether or not it could have been the result of GranuFlo or Naturalyte.

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