David Grebel Law is currently handling a case involving the abuse of an elderly woman at a St. Louis area nursing home. This case involved a resident at a nursing home asking one of the nurse’s assistants to transfer her from her wheelchair to her bed. Instead of transferring her, the employee of the nursing home pulled the resident from her wheelchair, threw her to the ground, and kicked her in the back, chest, and head. The nursing home resident sustained serious injuries in this abuse incident, including substantial skin tears and bruises and contusions.

David Grebel Law is in the process of investigating this incident and representing the woman injured by the horrible acts of this nursing home. David Grebel Law believes nursing home abuse to be one of the worst acts that someone could do. Families trust their elderly family members to these nursing homes and trust that their family members will be safe from harm. The nursing homes violate the trust of both the nursing home resident and the nursing home resident’s family when abuse acts like this occur. David Grebel is known for prosecuting these claims to the fullest extent of the law in obtaining results for those that are injured. He is in the process of doing this currently for this woman that was injured by this horrible act of abuse.

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