Da Vinci is a surgical robot that has been the cause of hundreds of lawsuits over just the last year. While many cutting-edge robots are used in surgeries of various types every day, the Da Vinci robots have had particularly negative results in many cases, requiring patients to seek the help of a Da Vinci lawsuit attorney.


The most commonly reported problems with the Da Vinci machine is serious injury from burns and even electrocution. Patients have experienced organ damage, severe bleeding, infections, and other, even worse complications due to the use of this robot in their surgeries.

Electrocution can occur if the surgeon accidentally fires off the instrument once it has been charged. It can also happen if the surgeon touches another robot that has an electrified tool. Most of the injuries have been due to the poor insulation of the Da Vinci machines, which allows electricity to jump from the robotic instrument into the body of the patient.


The FDA has received numerous reports of injuries sustained from the Da Vinci surgical robot, and there has even been at least one death reported as a result of the use of this device. One woman died during a routine hysterectomy after receiving a burn severe enough to cause her to bleed out into her abdominal cavity. In another case, the scissors operated by the robot sparked and smoked, spurting out flames during a prostate surgery. The FDA has many records of burns to patient’s arteries during use of this device for surgery, requiring extra stitching and medical care due to the malfunction.


The most common types of surgeries in which the Da Vinci are used are laparoscopic, gynecologic, prostate, and urologic surgeries. The robot has been in use since 2000, and has been used in thousands of surgeries. The purpose of this 4-armed robot is to reduce bleeding during surgeries, and to enable patients to recover more quickly.

However, many people have suffered from lacerated bladders and ureters. In some cases, the poor results are attributed to improper training of the surgeon using the machine.

If you or a family member has had complications from the use of this machine, contact a Da Vinci lawsuit attorney immediately.

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