Actos is a drug prescribed for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. The Clinical name is poiglitazone, and it is an oral medicine that helps to control your blood sugar level. Sometimes, the patient will take it in combination with other diabetes medications or with insulin. It is not, however, used to treat Type 1 diabetes.


Unfortunately, this drug has been attributed with several serious side effects, including bladder cancer. Approximately ½ of the people who got bladder cancer had been taking the drug for between 2 and 5 years. A little less than a third of them got bladder cancer after using the drug from 1 to 6 months.

Another side effect is liver cancer. Once it became apparent that the drug causes bladder cancer, it was suspected that it would cause other types of cancer as well.

The drug also causes prostate and kidney cancer. Anyone with Type 2 diabetes that has been treated with Actos, and then diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, liver, prostate, or kidney, should call an Actos lawsuit attorney right away. You may be eligible for compensation that will pay your medical bills and replace your lost wages, as well as pain and suffering compensation.


There are other drugs related to Actos that go by the names ACTOPLUS MET, ACTOPLUS MET XR, DUETACT, PIOGLITAZONE, and PIOGLITAZONE HYDROCHLORIDE and METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE. Each of these drugs are forms of Actos, and they all can cause various forms of cancer.


Actos has been banned in France and Germany because of the risk of cancer. Bladder cancer is very aggressive. The French conducted a study that showed that people with Type 2 diabetes that took Actos had a higher risk of getting bladder cancer by 22%. In June of 2011, the FDA began their own investigations, citing that 1/5th of the population that got bladder cancer were taking Actos.


Actos has now been linked to cardiovascular disease. It is estimated that it also increases heart attacks and heart failure.

If you have taken Actos and been diagnosed with bladder cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, or prostate cancer, of have developed heart disease, contact an Actos lawsuit attorney today. You may be entitled to compensation that will pay for your treatment, plus pain and suffering.

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