Good for treating the Diabetic Conditions; Known for Causing Bladder Cancer in Patients

The use of oral medication rather than insulin shots as a means of controlling diabetes is a welcome change for patients who have been forced to treat their condition with a series of daily shots. While not every case of the disease can be properly controlled with the new generation of oral meds available today, many individuals have found that their cases can be controlled by a proper combination of the oral medications.

One of the new and promising medications which appeared on the treatment horizon for diabetes patients in the last decade is the drug Actos. While this drug received a resounding welcome from patients and their doctors, reports of the development of bladder cancer in some patients using the medication have caused the drug to go out of favor as its side effects have proven more detrimental than the medical community is willing to risk.

Diabetes patients who have developed bladder cancer as a result of using Actos are now attempting to seek legal redress for the unfortunate development and its known link to the use of the drug. With each incident linking the drug to the development of bladder cancer, patients are increasingly having success in establishing a relationship between using the medicine for medical purposes and the unfortunate resulting diagnosis of bladder cancer.

Actos can be responsible for various additional side effects in addition to the risk of bladder cancer in patients using it to control their diabetes. These side effects include the development of muscle aches, sinusitis, headaches, and swelling/fluid retention. However, none of these can be considered particularly dangerous its own or even when viewed in comparison with the possibility of contracting bladder cancer. Thus the patient and doctor must weigh the benefits of Actos, an oral medication which is more easily administered than the requirement of taking regular insulin shots, versus the very real risk of bladder cancer, which Actos has in fact been found to be responsible for in patients using it for diabetes.

If you or a loved one suspects or has evidence that taking Actos for diabetes has caused the dangerous condition of bladder cancer, the affected individual should contact legal representation in order to find out about compensation for the resulting health problem. David Grebel, a personal injury attorney located in theSt. Louis,Missouri area, competently handles cases in which the plaintiff has acquired the life-threatening condition of bladder cancer through using Actos to treat and manage Type 2 Diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with this bladder condition or suspect complications from the use of Actos for your diabetes, consider seeking legal representation from Mr. Grebel to obtain redress for your injuries.

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