Actos and Bladder Cancer

Actos is an oral medication used primarily by non-insulin dependent diabetics. The ability to make effective use of an easily-administered medication such as actos has revolutionized the diabetic experience. The development of the resulting tragic condition of Actos bladder cancer in patients using actos as a way to control their diabetes is a blow to the safe and efficient treatment of diabetes. Actos taken for only a short time has not been found to cause bladder problems; it is apparently longer-term use of the drug that is implicated in the development of bladder cancer.

The drug Actos is a member of a new generation of oral diabetes medications used by certain non-insulin-dependent diabetes patients. It is prescribed for patients to be able to conveniently control the diabetes with oral medication and is one of the new drugs which is making diabetes a liveable condition for many patients

Actos is not well-known for any other side effects to date beyond the potential bladder cancer threat. The development of oral medications for certain cases of diabetes has been a great advance in diabetes care, as the medicine end of the disease can be controlled by simple oral medications rather than the highly effective but more cumbersome regime of insulin testing and administration. This new and unfortunate complication in using Actos to control diabetes using oral medication is a concern for individuals who have used Actos for a long period of time. Patients who have not used the drug extentsively are not at as great a risk of developing Actos bladder cancer.

Caution should be observed when a patient is prescribed Actos as long-term oral therapy for the treatment of diabetes. The possibility of bladder problems and the development should not be ignored by either the patient or their medical team. While Actos is considered an effective medicine to be used for patients whos diabetes is controllable by oral medications rather than insulin, it should not be considered as the only treatment alternative. If Actos therapy is the medicine selected for an individual’s diabetes care, the patient should be frequently monitored to catch any changes in bladder function to prevent any development of  Actos bladder cancer.

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