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The Grebel Law Firm and St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney David Grebel enjoy a long-standing record of personal commitment to serving their clients and their local  community.     The Grebel Law Firm’s goal is to promote and preserve the welfare and rights of families and individuals who have suffered injuries from the acts of others or from defective and unreasonably dangerous medications or medical devices.  The Grebel Law Firm takes pride in successfully and aggressively representing all clients before both judges and juries in courts around the country.

The Grebel Law Firm’s
principal office is located in St. Louis, Missouri, however the firms handles cases across Missouri and the United States.  They are known as being thorough and tough on defendants and their cases, aggressively appearing in court on behalf of their clients.  Attorney David Grebel takes pride in the thorough research skills his firm applies to all of its cases in order to fully analyze and prepare each case for trial.   He will refuse to be pressured into entering a courtroom or a settlement conference until he knows every strategic, factual, and most importantly, legal detail of the case at hand.  Experience has taught him how to work properly and efficiently within the justice system and how to effectively utilize the system’s procedural rules and laws to the best advantage of his clients.

Tough-minded advocacy is a known strength of The Grebel Law Firm and opponents are aware that the firm will not hesitate to take a case all the way to a jury verdict when it is in the best interest of their clients.  The firm’s reputation for taking a strong stance often enables timely and effective resolutions to cases through negotiation and settlement with opposing counsel, corporations, and insurance companies.  But if it is in the client’s best interest, The Grebel Law Firm will continue on with a case through court resolution if necessary.
St Louis Personal Injury Attorney David Grebel

The Grebel Law Firm believes that suffering a personal injury, including injury from being prescribed a dangerous or defective drug, impacts an injured individual’s  life and future.   The legal complications that can accompany the injury often cause increased anxiety and stress to the aggrieved party, compounding matters greatly.  The Grebel Law Firm, as your legal representatives, will act as aggressive and focused legal advocates on your behalf and will perform all acts to protect your legal rights and enable you to have a positive and successful experience with the legal system.

The Grebel Law Firm’s clients  appreciate the care and compassion taken with their cases.  They value and acknowledge the fact that the firm cares about them as individuals.   The firm takes pride in their ability to become acquainted with their clients and to be able to spend time with them.   As St. Louis personal injury attorneys, they remain committed to providing clients with the highest quality of legal representation.  Satisfied clients are one of their biggest sources for new clients, as are other personal injury attorneys who are familiar with the quality of The Grebel Law Firm’s representation.

At The Grebel Law Firm, there is no fee for initial consultation when dealing with their St. Louis personal injury practice.

Additionally, their personal injury clients never pay any money to  The Grebel Law Firm unless the firm collects a recovery on their behalf.   Should you ever need expert legal representation, St. Louis personal injury attorney David Grebel looks forward to working with you and your case, and demonstrating the skills, integrity, and compassion that he and his firm are known for.

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